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9 Indoor Plants That Are Easy To Grow And Maintain

Nature is all you need to heal on a mental level and get away from all the negativity. While lush-green forests and the serenity of mountains is essential, you might achieve tranquility right at your home. The home garden radiates the much-needed positive energy and freshens up the aura. Not only does it prevent the accumulation of carbon dioxide, but it also replaces the surroundings with breathable air. In case you aren’t good at growing as well as maintaining the plants, make sure to fetch the house-plants. Succulents and home-oriented plants are excellent to keep the interiors bright and green. What’s even better is that you don’t have to worry about watering or feeding fertilizers to your babies now and then.

Keep reading to know the top indoor plants that are extremely easy to grow as well as don’t wither off easily.

1. Chinese Evergreen


Chinese evergreen is a good start for all the beginners out there who don’t know a thing about growing plants. Aglaonema grows just about anywhere and can survive without water for days. Also, the plant doesn’t demand much sunlight and grows well even under artificial lighting. If you have a busy schedule and desire a fresh aroma inside the house, fetch some Chinese evergreens. Along with instilling greenery around the room, it also acts as a reservoir of clean air and ecstatic vibes.


  • It provides a Fresh Indoor Space as the plant can remove the unwanted toxins and gases out of the room.
  • You get better health & salubrity due to an increase in the oxygen levels around. This is particularly beneficial for all people with breathing difficulties.

2. Cannabis

Here’s a psychedelic herb that boasts enormous health benefits to mankind. What’s even better is that you can grow it inside your house without any special training or efforts. All you need are the top-quality auto-flowering seeds in 2020 to grow, maintain, and harvest high-quality weed. And yes, jack herer feminized seeds are here to make it easy for you to grow your favorite strains. The plant is highly adaptable to the indoor surroundings and might flourish with artificial lighting in the room. However, make sure to check the legal implications of growing Cannabis in your region for better care and safety.

Key Features

  • The plant provides multiple harvesting opportunities with never-ending supplies of weed for making delicious recipes and edibles.
  • It provides health benefits like relief from persistent depression, anxiety, stress disorders, and chronic pain. It works exceptionally with live resin Canada.

3. Pothos Ivy


Here’s an indoor plant that will not only improve the air quality of your room but also enhance the overall appeal. Epipremnum aureum is one of the indoor plants that doesn’t require any effort to grow. All it demands is support to trail high up and improve the embellishment without any hassles. You can easily get rid of the excessive harmful gaseous that tends to accumulate over time.

Benefits & Pro Tips

  • The plant replaces some gaseous toxins like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide with better air and high oxygen levels.
  • You can set-up your home garden and let the poison ivy flourish in it. You can also add some other indoor plants for a better appeal.

4. Snake Plant

If your snake plant appears dead and withered, you can still bring it back to life just by watering it every day. Dracaena trifasciata doesn’t require never-ending sunlight or heavy moisture levels to enhance the appearance of your indoors. All it needs is a little bit of space, artificial lights, and a few sprinkles of water now and then. Popularly known as mother in-law’s tongue, this plant contains attractive yellowish-green leaves and air-purifying qualities.


  • Normal room temperature is the ideal one for top-notch growth. It grows quite fast and transforms your house into an eco-friendly one.
  • Refreshes the air by removing excess carbon dioxide or any other poisonous gases prevalent in the air.

5. Jade Plant


Crassula ovata is not your regular succulent like cactus.  Emerging from the desert habitat, it boasts thick, fleshy, and green leaves that delight your eyes. Also, it tends to grow to one side and requires regular cutting. What’s even better is that you can re-grow the cut branches into another succulent. That way, you get your own Jade garden with air-purifying qualities and a fantastic appeal.

Key Points

  • Temperature requirements are incredibly ordinary, and it grows faster in the room temperatures
  • Artificial lighting and low moisture are ideal for growing your jade without much hassles and interventions.

6. Spider Plant

With little care and dedication, you can grow the spider plants into massive shrubs real soon. All you need to do is provide the room lighting and a bit of water now and then. Also, make sure not to overwater a plant as they like little moisture and light. Chlorophytum comosum is the answer if you need the easy to grow and maintain plants in your room. Also, you get to improve sustainability with the help of spider-like leaves.


  • Spider-Like Leaves are highly air-purifying and remove the excess of formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, or even xylene.
  • Visually-Appealing and creates just the right atmosphere for positivity and spirituality to flourish.

7. Peperomia


Sometimes all you need are the compact plants that instantly increase the appeal of your tabletops. Peperomia is a small yet beautiful plant that embellishes your room with it’s variable shaped and sized leaves. Being a low-maintenance plant, you don’t have to constantly water or provide sunlight to the plant.


  • The plant reduces the dust & air-borne particles due to its top-notch purifying abilities.
  • Also, you can prevent the build-up of harmful gases and keep the environment fresh, cool, and ever-green.

8. Grape Ivy

If you’re looking for an indoor plant that is aesthetically pleasing, then make sure to get yourself the Grape Ivy plant. With the vine-like branches and attractive bright-red leaves, you are likely to get lost in the beauty of this plant. Also, it provides a jaw-dropping sight to stare at, just when you start the day.


  • You can instantly improve the Home Decor & Aesthetics with the beautiful leaves and branches. It acts as an ornamental herb and instantly increases the positive vibes of your surroundings.
  • Growing this plant requires Minimal Care and just the artificial lighting and normal temperatures to make the vines reach the rooftop.

9. Rubber Tree


Ficus robusta has the most attractive shiny leaves and low-maintenance features. You can grow the plant into a full-fledged tree with strong branches if you want. However, as an indoor plant, you need to keep cutting the branches. The plant provides pollutant-free air and an eco-friendly vibe to the environment. Along with this, you can maintain the plant with minimal efforts and watering routines.


  • Large Leaves that can improve the air quality within just a few days. Also, they provide a better surface area for the absorption of carbon dioxide and give out more oxygen in return.
  • East To Maintain and requires just the room lighting to grow into a massive structure.

Final Verdict

Every dendrophile wishes to experience the never-ending tranquillity of mother earth. However, due to professional as well as personal limitations, you don’t get to experience it often. Try and bring the eco-friendly vibes at your doorstep by creating your home garden. Indoor plants are one of the best investments you can make to increase the natural vibes of your house. From the aesthetically appealing leaves of grapes ivy to the shiny and dark green leaves of the rubber plants, every indoor herb has its perks. Refer to the top 9 indoor plants that you grow without any hassles.

David Bien S is a publisher and writer specialising in indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation of medical cannabis.

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