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9 Pound Hammer and 9 pound hammer Strains Guide 2020

9 Pound Hammer is an Indica made by JinxProof Genetics that crosses Gooberry, Hells OG, and Jack the Ripper. These thick buds are covered in sap, offering sweet grape and lime flavors. 9 Pound Hammer has a terpene profile inexhaustible in myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene with THC levels extending between 17-21%. Impacts can be overwhelming and durable, making this strain valuable for torment and stress help. Best developed inside, 9 Pound Hammer blossoms between 50-60 days and will convey significant returns.


9 Pound Hammer is a substantial hitting indica with an interwoven hereditary foundation. It is a three-route cross between Jack the Ripper, Hell’s Angel OG and fruity Gooseberry. This loosening up bud was made by productive raisers TGA Subcool Seeds, similar makers answerable for Deep Purple and Jesus OG. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has estimated 9 Pound Hammer’s intensity at somewhere in the range of 14% and 23% THC.

9 Pound Hammer is visually impressive, with enormous, with large, chunky, multi-colored flowers.. The buds follow in a thick, strong development, with short leaves snaked firmly internal toward their focal stems. The leaves themselves are an overgrown green and are strung through with yellow and orange pistils. Blossoms likewise regularly have flashes of purple because of high convergences of anthocyanin colors in their leaves; the shades of purple rise when these colors are upset by the chilly climate during the developing procedure. A cover of chilly trichomes covers the buds and makes them especially clingy.

When appropriately restored, 9 Pound Hammer has a solid fruity fragrance with a tropical enunciation. Like parent strain Jack the Ripper, it is aromatic of citrus and grape. Then, severing the buds separated gives a solid incense-like scent obligingness of this current strain’s Afghani landrace ancestry.

When combusted in a bowl or a joint, 9 Pound Hammer ignites with an astoundingly smooth smoke that preferences woodsy and piney with a trace of lime on the breath out. Outstandingly, this present strain’s articulated grape enhance is totally accidental to its purple tones – likewise with some other assortment, its flavor is controlled by terpene mixes while its appearance is directed by its one of a kind pigmentation.

Is 9-Pound Hammer an Indica or Sativa?

9 Pound Hammer is an Indica strain, however, it has some Sativa impacts too. This bud originates from a long queue of exceptionally respected hereditary qualities and was made by similar reproducers who brought us Deep Purple and Jesus OG. The leaves are green and have yellow and orange hairs, which are profoundly looked for after. Buy marijuana in US and 9-pound hammer easily from trusted stores. The blossoms likewise have runs of purple inside them, which develop completely on the off chance that they’re become appropriately utilizing “stunning” strategies.


The featured phenotype is Gooberry prevailing. This Indica style plant has an early generation of gum and pushes hard rock buds with giant calyx secured with tar. It shows the development of the Kush style. It has the capacity for enormous development yet can deal with a serious pruning late in veg to prepare. The gum covered calyx on enormous, thick chunks is encompassed by harvest time shaded leaves toward the finish of the development cycle. Snappy end time and an enormous maker dabs for sale.

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9 pound hammer

High Type:

The hammer hits with a full-bodied stone, which prompts quick unwinding. The alleviation of agony and nervousness is quick and enduring. Prescribed for easing torment, stress, muscle tremors and PTSD. It likewise helps in better rest. Cautious, 9lb Hammer sneaks up all of a sudden.


9 Pound Hammer is a sweet-smelling flower that boasts a strong lime scent, leaving a sweet cloud fragrance everywhere you go. This indica is appetizing at first sight and will undoubtedly seduce you with its sweet and spicy presence.


9 Pond Hammer has the listed benefits:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antidepressant
  • analgesic
  • anti-anxiety
  • cancer inhibitor and even reduces alcohol cravings in addicts.

Side effects of product:

Some users report negative side effects when using 9 Pound Hammer:

• Dry eyes
• Dry mouth
• Anxiety
• Headache
• Paranoia

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