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    3 Benefits of Using Cannabis Tinctures

    One of the good things about cannabis is how many ways you can consume it. There is an option for every taste, from cannabis gummies to cannabis tea. Each offers a unique way to get high and reap the health benefits of the plant. Every method has its strengths and weaknesses, and they are all worth trying at least once to see if they work well for you. One such method of consumption is cannabis tinctures. A tincture is nothing more than cannabis dissolved in a carrier substance, usually alcohol or vegetable oil. Tinctures are often used by placing drops of the substance under your tongue, which then gets absorbed…

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    Portable Vaporizer Brand Comparison | PAX vs Davinci

    Portable vaporizer brand comparison, PAX vs Davinci. PAX Labs was founded in 2017 after splitting away from parent company JUUL. JUUL was founded in 2015, 4 years after Davinci Vaporizer was founded. Now in 2020 we have the PAX 3 vs Davinci Miqro – a battle between the top vaporizer manufacturers in the vaping industry. PAX Labs Company Overview PAX Labs was brought to life in hopes of creating safe, enjoyable, and powerful vaporizer experiences. PAX is an award-winning consumer technology brand that has brought several devices into existence since their inception in 2015. Pax Labs was formed in June of 2017, when it split out of JUUL. This separation…

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    How to choose a Vape Pen for Vaporizer?

    For every vaporizer, there is a best suitable vape pen for it. But when the market is flooding with vape pens, then the decision to choose the best vape pen becomes crucial. The market is evolving, and so are its products. But there is no need to upgrade your pen whenever a new one launches, only if you choose one of the best vape pens out there. That’s why we are here to help you find your best vaping device so that you can devour your vaporizer without giving a thought about losing a penny in counterfeit products. We are here to make it worthwhile. Below are some factors to…