Define Antivirus Software and Its Types

Antivirus software is developed to secure the systems and information from Trojans, viruses, worms, malware, spyware, adware, phishing, etc. In the 21st century technology, technology has reached a level and not just organisations and businesses are benefiting from it, but they are also dealing with the negative impacts too.

The advancement of technology is an increase in data security and security risks for the users and businesses because hackers are coming up with a variety of strategies and techniquesTherefore, the only option that is proven to be effective in reducing the risk of security breaches is an antivirus program.

In the current situation of covid-19, over half the population is working from home so that the virus is controlled. It has been determined that currently due to global outbreaks, the risk of security incidents have increased significantly as people use their system frequently.

Therefore, it is more easy for hackers to penetrate the system and disrupt the saved data that is stored within the system. Basically, either they misuse it or destroy it for reckless reasonsThus, it is relevant for the users to grasp the significance of using an Total Security Antivirus Software program since it is the best solution.

Now, let’s discuss more thoroughly all the different components of software.

Why there is a need of using Protegent Antivirus?

To answer this question, we’ll look at two scenarios, so it can make it easier to comprehend the need of software.

Nick and Tom are both employed in “ABC” Company and both have been appointed team leaders for the same company since it specializes in data management services for clients and even providing services to other businesses as well. Two managers have been recruited as managing the data is a difficult task and they are not able to afford to risk it with security measures. Nick has been working with the IT and security industry for more than 10 years, and Tom holds the 8 years of experience.

They both were handed over the responsibilities to ensure that there’s no issue linked to the security. Let’s discuss Nick. Nick who has been handling the Total Security of the business. He has taken care to integrate security measures that would help the business with managing security. Even with the years of experience Nick was unable to install the antivirus software , and experienced issues with the system.

He discovered that the system was compromised and the data had been wiped outWhat happened was, there was a slowing of the system as well as also suspicious activity in the system. He discovered that attackers had inserted the virus into the systemHe was terminated from the business.

However, Tom who holds the 8 years of experience has provided a reliable security of systems. It is noteworthy that Tom doesn’t need to look after the system every hour. The reason for the increased security here is installing the Protegent antivirus applicationHe had also recommended the same thing to Nick but he was quite confident in handling the issue the task on his ownThis software updates the system for Tom frequently and will notify him if there’s suspicious activitiesAlso, he doesn’t have to worry about the data security because software doesn’t permit unauthorized access to the system. It also secures data in a secure way.

Now, concluding this case it would have been clear at this point how important Protegent antivirus program isIt is crucially important that organizations that specializes in handling the information should not overlook the importance of this software in order to protect themselves from any cyber-attack or security risk.

Benefits of Protegent Antivirus

Let’s look at the benefits Protegent antivirus is offering to the users:

  • One of the major advantages of using software is that it will ensure that your system is secured from virus as well as any other transmission. Users will be able recognize the virus ahead of time and the removal process can be initiated. The software handles everything it needs to.
  • Pop-up and spam ads have become the most significant cause of infections these days and removing these is a difficult task. However, Protegent antivirus software use to solve this issue in a timely manner. It doesn’t only combat them but also makes certain the network access is restricted to unauthorized parties.
  • Fake email has become an everyday thing in present daysIt becomes problematic for the users to know if they are genuine or not as they seems to be authenticTherefore, in this case again Protegent antivirus plays an important role. If it’s already installed in the system then there’s no need to be concerned as it will detect the suspicious mail and then removes it before it could lead to a system-wide damage. It also block the access to data for an unidentified user.
  • Another reason to use this program is the security of removable devices. It’s hard to find any suspicious activity within devices such as pen drives, USBs and CD/DVDs, however the software can help in eliminating this issue as wellIt checks the device every time it is connects to the device and when there is suspicious activity, it stops the entry of it into the system.

Features of Protegent Antivirus

If you are interested in the capabilities of software, you can follow the information below:

  • The integration of the latest cloud protection technology is to help identify new security threats and to ensure that the extra layer of security is applied within the system and the data.
  • The function of active virus control is integrated into the software because it has the ability to monitor the running applications within the system. It also helps in identifying the malware and objects which aren’t ethical.
  • The malware prevention feature is available in the software because it helps in monitoring the malware constantlyIf the malware is identified, the software ensures removing it from the system with the knowledge of the user.
  • Setting protection can be included in the program that aids in protecting the settings of a user who has password. It doesn’t let the unauthorized user alter or modify the settings even when they hold the administrator’s rights.
  • The hourly update feature helps in providing updates every hour and protecting the system from viruses .


Concluding the write-up, it has been concluded that the usage in the use of Protegent antivirus software proves to be beneficial to both corporates and usersIt has become one the most sought-after products available in the market due to its efficiencyIt has offered amazing benefits with exceptional options and innovative modules.

The current scenario is that the majority of people are opting to work at home due to coronavirus, so the software is an excellent savior as it would help to protect the system and data entirely because probabilities of cyberattacks or security threats are also increasing with the pandemic.

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