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Don’t Toss Your Cookies Yet! All About Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower

Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower is on the docket in an impressive way with its sativa-leaning nature and an outstanding CBD content of between 21% and 23%. We’ve discussed hybrid CBD hemp flowers which are hybrid and what that actually means. First it can mean three different things, but we are going to look at just one and that is a 60-40 hybrid.

Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower – 60% – 40% Hybrid Lineage

Casino Cookies CBD hemp flower is a 60-40 hybrid. It is sativa dominant so that means it is 60% sativa and 40% indica.  However, this “cookie” will surprise you because it is more sedative or indica, than it is energizing or sativa.  the Casino Cookies’ effects are more on the sedative side. Usually these characteristics show through the breeding parents.

Some think the parents are AF4 and Wookies. Wookies is the indica portion and it also offers up some savors like herbal, lavender, spicy and pine. Because of these characteristics, it would seem that Wookies is the dominant parent.  Since there are no history books on file about AF4, we know very little and there are not many dispensary owners who have it in their inventory. That is the reason, perhaps that Wookies influences this hemp flower in a more powerful way.

Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower – Effects and Experiences

Casino Cookies CBD hemp flower is slow acting but like other slow acting hemp flowers, it is long lasting, starting with lightheadedness might. It slowly moves into mental clarity away from clutter to pleasant nothingness. The body relaxation comes in second to alleviate discomfort and tension so you can unclench your “psychological teeth” and slip to relaxation.

Clear your schedule to endulge in Casino Cookie relaxation and calm.

Casino Cookies CBD Hemp Flower – All Those Savors

Do you like subtle sweet? If so the Casino Cookies CBD hemp flower has is all in the savors department.  As the sweetness subsides, a gentle piney flavor creates the perfect storm of aromas and savors. Depending on how sensitive you “savor buds” are, you may note hints of lavender and cinnamon so it jabs your throat on the way down.

 This sweet, earthy strain of CBD Bud grows to the Las Vegas strip in Nevada and rightl so as Casino Cookies CBD hemp flowers pays up every gamble.

“Tossing’ Your Cookies” Last Words

Every CBD hemp flower will be a surprise even if you know all the details about it according to the experts. Casino Cookies will not disappoint and it will be a good one to have on hand for those days you come home from work totally strung up from tensions at work.

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David Bien S is a publisher and writer specialising in indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation of medical cannabis.

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