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How to Flavour Your CBD E-Liquid for Best Experience?

According to studies, vaping is a safer, potent way of delivering the vital medical benefits of CBD and other cannabis products that do not require intravascular penetration. With high-quality CBD vape juice, you can get a near-instant remedy for the ailment you are aiming to treat with this magical cannabinoid. However, the natural flavor of CBD is blunt, earthy, and close to that of hemp. Some even have a hint of bitterness.

When shopping for CBD vape juice, you can find pure (isolate) CBD e-liquid or choose flavored options. Adding flavor to CBD vape juice made from best weed seeds is also possible via DIY recipes.

Top custom vape juice flavor mixing recipes

There are several combinations you can try, and there is no best choice for everyone. However, it would help if you kept in mind that some combinations do not blend well together. People also have different preferences, so your favorite flavor may not necessarily impress your friend. Nonetheless, there are some popular flavors that most CBD vapers appreciate. These include:

1) Coffee and menthol or lemon 

Many people prefer to add lemon, menthol, and minty flavors to their coffee because it creates a luxurious, satisfying taste that leaves a refreshing feeling in the mouth. Mixing coffee and menthol can spruce your CBD e-liquid and also provides a unique option to break away from your regular brand tastes. Make sure you choose high-quality CBD oil vape juice and flavors to get the best of both. 

2) Rum and tobacco

Alcohol and tobacco are classic pairings for many people. It provides a familiar refreshing feel that leaves you content. This combination is a popular pairing in vape oils too. High-quality rum and tobacco flavors can deliver a unique experience to your vaping sessions. You can also find natural tobacco flavors of your favorite cigarette brand or experiment with something new. Try this combination with precision-built big daddy bong, and I am sure you would enjoy the full smoke experience.

3) Vanilla with any other flavor

Vanilla is one of the sweetest, most satisfying feelings. It is perfect in milkshakes and smoothies, cakes and pastries, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages. You can mix vanilla with virtually any flavour without disappointments. However, it is still essential to use the right proportions. An excellent example for newcomers is vanilla with coffee or chocolate. You can also experiment with various food and beverage flavors.

4) Menthol and fruit flavors

Menthol is another popular flavor that goes well with different other options. Fruity flavors, in particular, blend well with the minty touch of peppermint and menthol. A good example is paring menthol and green apple or plums. You can also try blueberries and other tropical fruits. The sharp and sweet tastes complement each other, providing a refreshing and calming experience ideal for medical CBD and weed stem for tea users.

5) Tea and fruit flavors

Tea flavors blend well with fruits like raspberry, mango, and peach, among others. Pairing iced tea with tropical fruits is a common practice. The flavors are light and airy, which is perfect for developing a unique homogenous aroma. You can also use stronger hints like blueberry for a classy and satisfying experience.

Working with different flavor profiles

Users keep coming up with ingenious ways to integrate favorite flavors into the very best CBD vape juice. If you seek the medical benefits of CBD, adding flavours can help you enjoy the experience better. However, it is essential to know the unique flavour profiles available. Some of these include apple, blueberry, cinnamon, chocolate, hazelnut, lime, strawberry, vanilla, pecan, and peppermint, among others. Here are a few insights on mixing different profiles: 

● Mix sweet flavours such as blueberry with sharp patterns like ginger and lemon

● Combine the smooth taste of apple with complementing tastes such as cinnamon and caramel

● Dessert flavours like chocolate go well with mint and vanilla

● Pair the tartness of lime with the sweetness of strawberries and other delicious fruity profiles

● Experiment smooth, refreshing flavours such as peppermint with lavender, grapefruit, and lime

There are several distinct combinations you can achieve when looking for the perfect flavour blend for your CBD e-liquid. From S’ mores to lime pie and banana and nut bread, the list of possible combinations is endless. Choose quality ingredients and begin experimenting with your most liked pairings. 

How to add flavour to CBD e-liquid

Adding your favourite flavour to CBD e-liquid is an effortless task once you have all the ingredients in place. It is even easier if you buy top-quality e-liquids from trusted sources at https://cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-vape-juice/ 

Make sure you pick the ingredients that are safe to vape. You can review the label or request this information from the vendor if you are not sure.

To add flavour to your CBD e-liquid:

●      Purchase ready-made CBD e-liquid or make your own

You can choose your preferred brand or experiment with other famous flavour options. One quick way to build flavour involves adding CBD oil to the vape tank containing your preferred flavoured e-juice. You can also prepare your CBD vape juice at home with CBD isolate.

●      Mix your flavours

If you are using a pre-flavoured e-liquid, make sure you find the right combination using the insights above. Mixing flavours is an effortless task that involves adding a few drops to create unique blends. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proportions.

●      Add flavour to the CBD vape juice

Use small amounts of the flavour for a start to determine if it provides the desired effects. You can have your CBD vape juice and blended flavours in separate dropper bottles for easy measurement. Flavours and vape juices come in different concentrations, so it is essential to note the potency of each. Highly concentrated flavours only need a drop or two, while others may require more.


Flavouring your CBD e-liquid is an exciting exercise that you can try to upgrade your vaping experience. Besides delivering the therapeutic benefits of CBD, the unique piquancy provide a fantastic refreshing experience. You can also choose your favourite desserts, beverages, and food pairings for a familiar taste. When mixing flavours and vape juice, it is essential to pay close attention to the concentrations and quality of all active compounds in the formula. Make sure you purchase from credible and reputable retailers that can guarantee safe vaping products.

David Bien S is a publisher and writer specialising in indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation of medical cannabis.

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