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Indica dominant Hybrid Halo OG Review

OG is an Indica dominant hybrid: a Mix of Tahoe OG, a phenotype of OG Kush, Also Larry OG, Also a hybrid of SFV OG and OG Kush. I have remarked previously that SoCal loves its OG Kush, also this strain certainly seems to show the rule. As soon as I went to OCPC to pick up Halo OG, it was specifically for relief out of my sleeplessness. And I anticipated that this indica to provide.

The two grams I donated for were composed of only a few dense nuggets. They were difficult to tear apart because of Halo OG’s tight bud structure. Knowing there is so much OG Kush in this breed, I had been awaiting a fragrant pine aroma, and it delivered.

There was also a spring floral and resinous spice at the Green struck. After you fire it, it is difficult to determine taste profiles because of the thick smoke. There is an essential smoothness and sweet spice in exhale note. It keeps getting harsher the closer to cash you get and it generates categorically resinous ash. In physical traits, this breed is apparently indica

Hola OG Medical benefits               

Patients love Halo OG Strain for its own lemon diesel taste and Its quick hard-hitting qualities. Patients looking for relief with ailments such as anxiety, pain, depression, and nausea find satisfaction when using Halo OG Strain. While able to be utilized effectively any time of the day, moderation should be used during the daytime to avoid unplanned naps. Halo OG Strain may leave your mind feeling somewhat hazy and in high doses which haze will force you to pass out. Growing Halo OG Marijuana Has Medical Benefits.

Last thoughts

Halo OG is clearly a nighttime strain, but maybe not quite the Knock out I was looking for. Comforting? You bet, and its Sedative effect was ideal for stress persisting to the night. I have become skilled at stacking my breeds through the afternoon, and that one will be for the hours after dinner and before you brush your teeth prior to placing in. But for that Last Ambien such as drop, Halo simply isn’t the one.

David Bien S is a publisher and writer specialising in indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation of medical cannabis.

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