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Is Your Cannabis Business Focusing on Brand Awareness and Consistency?

If not, why not? Your branding and packaging could be the difference between attracting new customers and keeping your existing ones!

There’s no denying that the cannabis business is big business. With the cannabis market across the United States alone set to exceed $30 billion per year by 2021, you would be crazy not to think that this is only just the beginning of this huge industry.

Unfortunately, this growth in the cannabis industry has led to a lot of new players entering the cannabis business, all intending to carve out their small empire. More than ever before, consumers are being faced with hundreds of different brands and packaging options to choose from when they shop online or walk into a dispensary.

So, how can you help your cannabis brand stand out from all the other options that consumers are faced with? Professional branding, packaging, and labeling is one way to help your cannabis brand stand out from everyone else!

When consumers walk into a cannabis store or dispensary, they’re faced with hundreds of different choices. Your marijuana packaging, branding, and labeling need to draw their eye towards your product above all others. No matter what people believe, the first thing that they do is shop with their eyes. They are drawn to certain types of packaging and labeling.

Brand consistency is another important factor that you need to consider. Your brand needs to be not only attractive but also recognizable. You need your clients to be able to recognize your brand and be attracted to it so that the next time they purchase your brand is what they are looking for. This is important when you are selling a variety of different products that are in the same niche, but maybe different, for example, cannabis edibles, fresh flowers, tinctures, oils, or extracts.

You also need to consider the information that’s part of your packaging, labeling, and branding. There are a lot of state and federal guidelines that must be met on how your product is packaged and the information that’s on that packaging. This is where you need to do your homework as the last thing that you want is to have your products removed from the shelves of stores and then have to redesign your entire branding package.

While homemade packaging and labeling may appeal to a small niche, if you’re looking to take your cannabis business to the next level, then you need to consider professional packaging solutions. There are a variety of different machines and companies that you can go to that will help with automated packaging, labeling, and also design work.

Automated packaging removes all of the human factors out of your cannabis packaging while at the same time increasing output times, uniformity in packaging, and accuracy in weight. It allows you to meet higher customer demand while at the same time-saving money.

Automated packaging equipment is an investment in your continued growth and bottom line. It’s going to require an expenditure in the beginning, but long-term it’s going to not only save you money but could even result in you making more money! Dura-Pack has a variety of different packaging solutions that could help your cannabis company continue to keep moving forward and capitalize on the booming cannabis industry.

David Bien S is a publisher and writer specialising in indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation of medical cannabis.

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