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Packaging and labeling guide for marijuana products

Requirements under the Cannabis Act and the Cannabis Regulations

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The Cannabis Regulations lays out demands pertaining to The way cannabis and cannabis goods have to be packed and labeled before purchase, export or distribution. Especially, the Regulations require plain packaging and labeling for all cannabis goods with limitations on logos, colors, and even branding. Cannabis products have to maintain packed within a child-resistant container and also be tagged using all the standardized cannabis emblem, the compulsory health caution, also contain special product advice (e.g., manufacturer name of this cannabis product, category of cannabis, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) data, license holder info ).

These steps aim to decrease the dangers of accidental ingestion and overconsumption, in addition, to decrease the attractiveness of cannabis products to young people while providing customers with the information they will need to make educated decisions prior to using cannabis.

The Majority of the First marijuana packaging legislation handled Cannabis like every prescription medication. Lots of medical cannabis dispensaries still utilize the nondescript cylindrical pill bottles preferred by physicians — occasionally using a telltale green color substituting the pharmacy-standard orange.

Cannabis manufacturers Will Need to comprehend that Item Packaging could be equally child-resistant and superbly designed.

Well-designed packaging may play a tactical role in the Achievement of a whole firm if it fulfills its aims in these regions:

Regulatory compliance will stay a leading concern for cannabis makers. No maker can take a remedy to advertise unless it satisfies — or better still, surpasses — state principles.

Performance: Producers have multiple financial incentives to decrease waste when packing cannabis solutions. The usage of readily accessible, highly reusable substances are sometimes a long-term net advantage if correctly employed.

Whenever some cannabis products can gain from luxury lodging to entice higher-end clients, most producers wish to determine compliant, economical, affordable solutions for bud merchandise packaging.

Focus Packaging:

 Many focus packaging suppliers are carrying their aesthetic Cues in the makeup sector. Need to when packaging goods such as wax, hash, crumble, and shatter, that are Difficult to handle in normal pharmaceutical bags or containers

Liquids with more than on serving must be packaged with a re-sealable closure or cap. Must include a measuring device such as a measuring cup or dropper. Hash marks on the bottle or package qualify as a measuring device
Solids must be in plastic that is two mil or greater in thickness, heat sealed without an easy-open tab, dimple, corner, or flap
The business / trade name and the nine digit (UBI) number of the producer and processer
The unique identifier number (lot number)
Number of servings, the amount of product per serving, serving size. Liquid example: 10 servings | 10mg THC per serving | 1 serving = 1.2oz
Solid example: 10 servings | 10mg THC per serving | 1 serving = 1 piece
The net weight in ounces and grams or volume as applicable
Total THC, THC-A, CBD, CBD-A using the formulas referenced in WAC 314-55-102
Ingredients and allergens listed verbatim as approved by the WSDA
Disclose type of extraction method, any solvents, gases, or other chemicals or compounds used
A statement that discloses all pesticides applied to the marijuana plants and growing medium during production of the usable marijuana or the base marijuana used to create the concentrate or the extract added to infused products. This statement must be provided with a marijuana product or made available to the consumer purchasing marijuana products at retail. A producer or processor may provide this information through an internet link, web address, or QR code on the product label so long as the information particular to that product as required below is maintained and accessible to a consumer for as long as the product is available for sale at retail.
Required warning statements – WAC 314-55-105 (must be listed verbatim)
Warning – May be habit forming
Unlawful outside Washington State
It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana
CAUTION: “Intoxicating effects may be delayed by 2+ hours
Required warning symbols – WAC 314-55-106
The marijuana universal symbol
The Not For Kids symbol

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