Portable Vaporizer Brand Comparison | PAX vs Davinci

Portable vaporizer brand comparison, PAX vs Davinci. PAX Labs was founded in 2017 after splitting away from parent company JUUL. JUUL was founded in 2015, 4 years after Davinci Vaporizer was founded. Now in 2020 we have the PAX 3 vs Davinci Miqro – a battle between the top vaporizer manufacturers in the vaping industry.

PAX Labs Company Overview

PAX Labs was brought to life in hopes of creating safe, enjoyable, and powerful vaporizer experiences. PAX is an award-winning consumer technology brand that has brought several devices into existence since their inception in 2015.

Pax Labs was formed in June of 2017, when it split out of JUUL. This separation allowed for PAX LAbs to focus on building a brand name in the cannabis space.

PAX Labs makes dry herb and extract vaporizer products. The PAX 1 and PAX 2 are designed for dry herbs only, while the PAX 3 is designed for extracts and dry herbs. One of the newest devices released by PAX Labs is the Era Pro, which is a cannabis oil smart pod system.

With a focus on customer service, design, and innovation PAX Labs has been able to go from a fresh new startup just 5 years ago to one of the leading portable vaporizer manufacturers in the world.

Davinci Vaporizers Company Overview

Davinci Vaporizers aka DaVinci Tech was inspired by renaissance innovator Leonardo da Vinci. Founded by Cortney Smith in 2011 with the ambition to create powerful and intuitive portable vaporizers.

Davinci hit the ground running almost a decade ago with the Davinci Ascent. A premium, consistent, and smooth hitting vaporizer for portable use. Since this time, Davinci vaporizers have continued to evolve and bring new innovative features to the hands of vape enthusiasts all over the world. The newest model being the Davinci Miqro.

PAX 3 vs Davinci Miqro

The Miqro is a bit smaller in size than the PAX 3. The Miqro isa smaller version of its highly-popular predecessor, the DaVinci IQ, while the PAX 3 is an upgraded version of the PAX 2.

The PAX 3 has built in games that allow you to tilt, twist and turn your device to keep yourself occupied and put others to the test with memory skills.

The Miqro is designed for loose leaf only while the PAX 3 can be purchased as a complete kit which allows you to vape not only loose leaf, but extracts as well.

The biggest selling feature for the Miqro is the lower price tag. At under $100 the Miqro is one of the best performing budget vaporizers you can buy today. The oven on the Miqro is great for conserving your herb as it’s a bit smaller of an oven than the PAX 3.

The PAX 3 has a pretty strong non removable battery. When the battery is too low to run the device, you will need to let it charge. This is another area where the Davinci Miqro shines. The Miqro uses a removable battery. This means when it is too low to power the device you can swap it out for another battery.

The PAX 3 app allows you to switch vaping modes between ‘boost, efficiency, stealth and flavor mode’. This is a nifty feature that does not exist in the Miqro.


The Pax 3 can be purchased for 199 through vaporsmooth.com and the Miqro can be purchased for 99 through vaporsmooth.com. With the PAX 3 being double the price of the Miqro, this will be a big selling point for the Davinci vaporizer. The built in games and special app features of the PAX 3 make it a slightly more advanced portable vaporizer. Either way, both devices deliver great cannabis vaporizing sessions and you should be happy with your choice whichever way you go.

David Bien S is a publisher and writer specialising in indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation of medical cannabis.

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